My Projects

In my spare time, I like to experiment with creating sustainable businesses that run themselves. Here’s some of them:


An ecommerce shop that specializes in selling handloomed turkish towels. It gets 30,000+ unique visitors a month. It’s monetized with a dropshipped store.

Simple Beautiful Life

A female-focused lifestyle & fitness blog. Simple Beautiful Life currently gets 30,000+ unique visitors a month. It is monetized with Adsense and partnership opportunities.

This blog has gone viral multiple times, most recently with this post receiving 265,000+ shares.


A fitness focused content-marketing project that gets an average of 85,4000 views a month. 

My Fit Station has over 31,100 organic Social Media fans/followers throughout several platforms.

It has a total of over 13,500 organic Newsletter Subscribers.

Myfitstation has multiple viral articles including:

The 7-day Shredding Meal Plan, which has received over 3 Million views and 325,000+ shares since it has been posted.

The “Lose-the-Last-10-Pounds” Workout! which has received 441,000+ shares.


A mobile app marketing company that specializes in driving iOS & Android app installs via PPC marketing.