Lead Hacker: A system for automated B2B outreach


B2B COMPANIES! I’ve been working on  a service to automate B2B lead generation. Read on… It’s called Lead Hacker and here’s how it works… I build a custom scraper for your business. It’ll look across job boards, industry directories, and other potential lead sources for companies that match your target demographic. For every company found, Lead hacker will find the email &...

The Growth Hackers’ Guide to Google Dorks


Lets talk about Google Dorks… I’ve used them to: Find lead lists of 15,000+ CEO’s (who knew there were so many!). Findproprietary information about how my competitors are running their business. Pick up new industries & verticals 10x faster than I would have otherwise. Find contact information for top influencers. Create lists of over 5,000 PR contacts. Build huge databases of SEO...

Why you shouldn’t (blindly) follow best practices


“Orange as a call to action is the best practice… Lets stick with that.” Does your team listen to “best practices” blindly? I hope not. Best practices give teams a false sense of security. An excuse to defer to if a result ends up not being ideal. At best, a best practice is an “ok” solution… At worst, it’s a dangerous shortcut that stifles critical thinking. But if your team is...

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